Dance Recital Fun

Over the weekend, my daughters had their annual dance recital. They take a ballet/tap class that’s offered through the City of Anaheim and run by CF Dance Academy. I like city dance classes because the environment is more casual and it makes learning more fun for my girls. I just want them to have some exposure to dance and learn how to take and follow direction. CF Dance Academy is a great family operated dance school. They throw an annual recital at Pearson Park Amphitheater and it’s a fun evening for the whole family. Tickets were only $2 and you get to see performances ranging from parent and me classes all the way up to award winning dance crew performances. I also like that they allow the parents to take photos and videos of the kids during the performance. Many other dance studios do not allow any photography or videos on the day of the performance. For a shutterbug like myself, not being allowed to take photos of my children while they’re doing something cute is akin to torture!

Dance Recital 117-26

The theme of the recital this year was musicals so one of my girls danced to “The Old Gumbie Cat” and the other danced to various songs from Grease.

Dance Recital 023-5 Dance Recital 019-4The parent and me performance was adorable and almost brought tears to my eyes. What is it about little ones dancing with their parents that make me so weepy?? I also really enjoyed Tiny Tots Hip Hop this year as they danced to “Hard Knock Life” with their pouty little faces! Too cute!!! All the performances were great and they even had the cutest little Flamenco dancers and Ballet Folklorico dancers (not offered through CF dance academy).

Dance Recital 134-28 Dance Recital 132-27

If you were considering city dance classes for your kids, I highly recommend CF Dance Academy teachers. If you want for your kids to perform in this annual recital, enroll in the Spring session.

[I wanted to have a bit of fun and edited these photos with Florabella Actions: Classic Film+Modern Color for a bit of drama. The sun flare was not added, it was there because I forgot to bring my lens hood. It actually looks fun along with her movement and colorful dress.]


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