Prop Envy

I really wish I had all the money in the world to buy all the beautiful backdrops, knits, hats, headbands and props that I see all the long established photographers using.  In fact, I think newborn photography is my excuse for spending money on cute little things that I’m not supposed to have now that my youngest child is five years old.  So to make the most of the funds I do have, I’ve become quite the regular at JoAnn’s Fabric and Crafts.  They have a decent selection of basic fabrics that have nice textures to them including burlap, plush, rosette, and knits.  Before I head there, I always check their mobile coupons site for extra savings.  Using their coupons, I have purchased backdrops (which is essentially 2 yards of fabric) for as little as $10.  I have also found reasonably priced throws and textured scarves to use as wraps from Target.  Some of the vendors on Etsy have very competitive prices as well, so I did cave in and buy some nice backdrops, cheesecloth wraps and a few crochet hats there.  Hopefully one day, it won’t be so outrageous to pay $50 for an itty bitty hat!

So for the past few weeks, I’ve been knitting up a storm trying to provide a good variety of knits and headbands for my clients to choose from.  Today, I’ve switched gears a bit and decided to make newborn neck ties for a session that’s coming up next week.  I found a great (and FREE) pattern from a blog called Very Homemade.  Her instructions are very detailed and come with pictures for each step.  My ties came out fairly thick so next time I will probably skip the interfacing.  This was a quick and easy project and it cost very little to do.  The hardest part was selecting the fabric!  I can’t wait to use the fish tie with the small wooden boat prop that I found at Home Goods!

Ties 003


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3 thoughts on “Prop Envy

  1. Lisa T. on said:

    You never cease to amaze me with all your wonderful talents Teresa!!!

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