Sweet Adorable Gracie


Everyone asks me “Why newborn photography”?! Well for as long as I could remember, looking at a baby would be the fastest way to put a smile on my face and warmth in my heart. Their sweetness and innocence just make all the problems and ugliness of this world just dissipate away. Gracie was just a bit over 20 days old and she was very alert and strong for her age. Sadly, my sound machine iPhone app was pretty much useless. What finally did the trick was her mom turning on the TV to Bridezillas while I rocked her to sleep in my arms. Hey, we girls like our drama right?!

When I arrived, mom was just finishing up nursing Gracie and so I opted to start with the diaper on. I know my 3 kids always had a “gift” for me after nursing so experience does pay in this instance. So if you learn only one thing from my blog/post, it’s that you should not be too quick about taking the diaper off after baby feeds! If you like to live dangerously, be sure to have a change of clothing on hand.

The bonnet in this photo was one I knitted myself and the tie-back threaded into it was actually one that came with a romper I ordered from Newborn Naturals: Prop Shop.

Many thanks to Gracie’s mom and dad for inviting me into their home! It was truly a pleasure!

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2 thoughts on “Sweet Adorable Gracie

  1. Such a nice read, Teresa Mac :). Your love for what you do emanates from your writing, which has obviously made you an amazing photographer!

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